VGO Terms & Conditions

How will it work?


  • Plan your trip with any travel package or tour package that fit your needs.
  • Service details may vary, pls. carefully check before using.
  • Select “ADD TO CART” for packages you would like to buy.
  • You can buy one or more packages through the same travel agent or from different travel agents as per you prefer.
  • The combination of your choices will be consolidated in one order for payment.
  • Payment must be made with a Visa card via the online payment channel.
  • You will get a confirmation email with your order details a day after you make a payment.
  • All the travel packages/tour packages found in are at the discretion of the participating travel agents and customers must comply with each agents’ terms and conditions.
  • Replacing a person or persons, cancellation, refunding or package modifications are to be done only according to each agent’s policy.
  • Agent will contact you with the details of the travel arrangements or if you have any enquiries, pls. contact with each agent directly.


Terms and Conditions


  1. All the products/services found in are at the discretion of the participating travel agents. Contact travel agents directly for enquiries or additional information.
  2. Terms and conditions for each offer may vary. Please carefully check before use.
  3. The products and services noted are the responsibility of the individual agent/service provider.
  4. All descriptions of travel package/tour packages published on “MMVGO” website are based on information supplied by third party service providers. All information is accurate at the time of publication but may be subject to change subsequently.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, “MMVGO” is not the provider of any services comprised in any offer, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, disclaims all responsibility for any loss, damage or harm (howsoever caused) to any person arising from any use or purported use of any services comprised in any offer.
  6. While “MMVOG” have taken all reasonable steps to provide information in website as accurately as possible, customer cannot make any claim, complaint, or seek compensation against “MMVGO” for:
    • any errors or omissions (negligent or otherwise) in respect to anything contained in this website; or
    • any refusal or failure on the part of any of the participating agents to provide or honor the services under “MMVGO” website, for any reason whatsoever.
  7. “MMVGO” shall not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for any deficiency or inadequacy of services purchased under “MMVGO” website, and customer shall look solely to the relevant participating agents in the case of any queries or complaints for any services purchased. No representation or warranty of any nature is made by “MMVGO” as to the quality of any services provided by any agents under “MMVGO” website.
  8. Additional terms and conditions may be applied by participating agents, which may not be stipulated in this website. Customers are solely responsible for checking and complying with the terms and conditions imposed by the relevant participating agents.
  9. “MMVGO” reserves the right to withdraw and/or alter any of the terms and conditions or list of participating agents at any time without giving any notice.
  10. By utilizing or attempting to utilize the “MMVGO” website, all customers are deemed to have read, understood and irrevocably accepted and
    agreed to the terms and conditions set out herein.